Usually when I travel, I purchase my airline tickets so I head home in the morning on the last day of my trip, giving me a little time to relax at home before my full work week starts the next day. However, when I planned my Boston trip, I knew there would be a lot of walking in order for me to see everything on my photography list. I figured a Sunday, 6:30 p.m., flight would provide me with at least another 10 hours of photography time.

I had no idea the extra photography time would start with a casual, yet unique encounter. It was a chat I had many times with other dog owners in many parks. This dog owner, who was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses, was giving hand commands. The dog was spot on with obeying its owner. (Hmm, I am seeing a theme developing for me regarding dogs on this year's trips...)

“He’s a great dog.”

“Yes, she’s a great dog,” the owner corrects me.

“Can I pet her?”

“She’s a little focused on the ball right now.”

“What kind of dog is she?”

“She’s a shelter dog.”

“Good for you, they’re the best kind.”

“Have a great day.”

“You, too.”

However, the moment this dog owner spoke to me, my eyes opened wide with excitement. In that split second, I realized I was talking with Kevin Bacon of the movie Footloose. I had owned the original movie sound track, a cassette tape. My cassette lost the fight of being played over and over in my aging, first-car cassette player when the player ate the tape umpteen years ago. 

I’ve been a follower of @KevinBacon on Twitter since earlier this year when he joined the social format. I’ve always liked his acting and have heard positive things about him being “a nice guy.” And from his tweets, one can tell, he has a great relationship with his wife and is an advocate of the environment plus many other social causes. And, I especially have enjoyed his #ShootBack feature on Twitter, where he takes pictures of “people” who take pictures of him. Love it!

As a photographer, I’ve always enjoyed NOT having my photo taken (since I’m behind the camera) and respect it when someone doesn’t want their photo taken. 

So, do I have a photo of Kevin Bacon? Nope. 

Would I take a photo of him if I had a second chance? Nope. 

Would I change my interaction with Kevin Bacon? Yes, I would have said, “Have a great day, Kevin.”

I enjoyed having the “average” conversation with him and I hope he did, too. 

I continued my plans thinking how luck had been on my side running into Kevin Bacon in Boston Commons. I headed to the next item on my photography list, the New England Aquarium. After several hours at the aquarium testing my knowledge from the Wii game Endless Oceans, I headed back to the hotel to retrieve my luggage and head to the airport. 

Taking a short cut to avoid the construction area at the site of the Boston Massacre, I stumbled across an “accident.” Cars, car parts, cement blocks and rocks all over the intersection; police and security people everywhere.

But something didn’t look quite right. Kept walking and noticed a truck full of bumpers and a bin full of cement blocks. A movie set, of course! That’s why Kevin Bacon was in town. 

I asked the next security person I saw. R.I.P.D. (Rest in Peace Department) is the movie they are taping, starring, you guessed it, Kevin Bacon along with Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges. I’ll certainly be looking for the scene I took pictures of while walking along Milk Street in Boston when it arrives in theaters June 2013. 

Given my luck on this particular day, I should have bought a lottery ticket. But, the last time I had an “I should have bought a lottery ticket” day, I did buy a ticket. My luck had run out since I only won a $1. 

So, here are some pictures from my lucky Sunday, minus Kevin Bacon, of course. Those will be my memories.

Semi-truck with several wrecked cars.

Wrecked car on Milk Street.

Kristin taking a photograph of the director and other chairs. Behind her is a huge light they are using to light up the accident scene in the middle of the street.

Photo looking toward the "main scene" behind the director's chair.

Photo showing the "main scene" they are shooting from another angle.

Close up of the scene they are shooting. They are shooting inside the cab of a red semi truck. To the left of the red truck was a yellow dump truck that may have been part of the scene.

Kristin's photo of the director and other chairs.