This week, a series of photos inside Death Valley National Park. Enjoy!

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This week... Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park - the lowest point in North America at 282 ft below sea level.

Amargosa Mountain Range reflection in Badwater Basin just after sunrise. You definitely don't want to drink this water!

Salty trails made by people in Badwater Basin as the morning sun hits the peaks of the Amargosa Mountain Range in
Death Valley National Park.

Salty "veins" in Badwater Basin,
Death Valley National Park.

This view is looking north up the valley toward Furnace Creek with Panamint Mountain Range on the left and Amargosa Mountain Range on the right.

A close up of the salt flats at Badwater Basin in
Death Valley National Park. Some looked so delicate... as if they would break with the lightest touch.

While the salt flats just a little north of Badwater Basin at the Devil's Golf Course looked more sturdy and rigid in Death Valley National Park.

Next week, we'll heat things up a bit more... to hopefully melt ALL of this snow... The snow has to melt soon, right?