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This week, I'll be sharing photos and videos (one with lots of movement) of a buffalo herd I was watching early one morning in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.

It was a peaceful early morning drive on their wildlife loop road when I saw the herd, so I thought I'd get out and take some photos AND videos (which I've been trying out more and more...).

 Here is a video of the herd before...

I herd a loud noise as if something was hitting the guard rail farther up the road. When I turned around, I saw a buffalo stampede... my first ever... some were even jumping over the guard rail (which is the noise that I had heard).

Notice the three buffalo in front. In this photo they seem to not pay any attention to the stampede...

But the three buffalo turn to look at the stampede. This is where I became a little nervous about what I should do in case all the buffalo decide to run in my direction... So what do I do?

I decided to try out my new video skills as the herd approached me... This is a very shaky video.

And, all that is left of the stampede is a little dust in the air.

About a minute after I took this photo a bicyclist rides by me... the cause of the stampede.