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There's only one way to get to Katmai National Park... by float plane. This grizzly looks like he's waiting for the new arrivals. View larger image.

And, if there's a grizzly on the beach when you arrive? You sit on the "tarmac" until the bear moves along... View larger image.

And who do we have here, hiding in the tall grass? View larger image.

One of two yearling grizzlies whose mom just put them out on their own. They were running around in the tall grass, scared and looking around for larger grizzlies. Here are two photos of the two greeting each other.


Rubbing Noses

And, here's one running around scared... View larger image. are both yearling grizzlies standing up looking around for larger bears... View larger image.

...And, back to running around scared again. Love the reflection in this photo. View larger image.

The Shake.

The Water Spray - I do like how the water droplets catch the light

Take Out Meal - A grizzly carries its salmon catch at the top of Brooks Falls.

Affectionate Stare - A grizzly affectionately stares at his mate while she fishes for salmon in Brooks River, Katmai National Park.

Missed Salmon - A grizzly dives after salmon that fly through the air trying to escape the jaws and claws of its natural predator in Brooks River, Katmai National Park.