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Peekaboo! This his spring cub peers over her mom at Katmai National Park. View larger photo.

While its mom fishes for salmon, this little spring cub looks around making sure not to get too far away from mom. View larger photo.

Swimming is on the agenda for this grizzly spring cub. While mom is looking for good salmon fishing spots, the spring cub is not far behind. View larger photo.

Even if it's way out in the lake! Look closely and you'll see the spring cub's head and ears right next to mom.
View larger photo.

The agenda for today (and everyday), following close behind while mom fishes for salmon. View larger photo.

View larger photo.

Grizzly mom standing up too look around for any dangers (other grizzlies) that may be hidden in the weeds nearby while her spring cub is right next her. View larger photo.

Here is one of my favorite photos of the Grizzly mom with her spring cub as they walk along the shore against the backdrop of snow covered Alaska mountains at Katmai National Park. View larger photo.