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This week,
a few more fun photos from my trip to North Dakota in September at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

I was sitting on a park bench trying to get photos of prairie dogs and about 10 buffalo came right over to me making them easy photo targets... (Image #9007)

This curious baby buffalo wasn't too sure about me... (Image #9020)

After the buffalo moved along, I was finally able to get a nice photo of a prairie dog. (Image #9065)

The morning I was scheduled to fly home, I had planned to wake up early to try to get some photos at the "Painted Canyon" overlook at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

It was about 5:30am, and I was still waking up when I saw a flash of lightning followed by thunder out the hotel window. At first I was a little disappointed that my sunrise photo would be a wash... but then realized I may have a chance to capture lightning photos!!

So I headed out to the overlook. Here is a buffalo in the glow of the sunrise and behind me where the storm was still gathering... (Image #9311)

...A rainbow was forming over the Painted Canyon overlook at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The colors were Amazing in the morning sun. (Image #9348)

As I turned a little more to my left, I saw and photographed... well, let me just say this... you will not want to miss Monday's photo - it's definitely one of a kind!