This past weekend I had the opportunity to show and sell my photographs at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It was a very humbling experience to set up my table next to more than 40 talented artists and photographers.

As a member of the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Photographers’ Society, this was my first time showing and selling my photographs at this annual event. I enjoyed every minute!

Each year, the event also conducts a “People’s Choice” award (sponsored by Tamron and National Camera Exchange), in which attendees can vote on their favorite photograph that each photographer has entered.

I submitted my “Curious Alaskan Red Squirrel”. I have to secretly admit my favorite part over the entire weekend was watching the reactions of people walking by my table when they first set eyes on my “People’s Choice” photo.


For two days, I saw smiles, giggles, gasps, laughs, and comments including “Oh my,” “How cute,” and “Wow.” I especially enjoyed watching the parents point at my bigger-than-life photo and ask their small children, “What is that?” Each time, “A squirrel!”

And yes, I had some conversations about how these cute little critters also have a “dark side” that many a backyard bird feed owner has experienced. I suspect it’s a love/hate experience they had when they first saw my photo.

My fellow photographers nearby even joked about wanting to put up a video camera to capture people’s reaction. All and all, I’m still smiling to myself as I recall the pleasure this photo brought to many people over the weekend.

And I’m honored to tell you that “Curious Alaskan Red Squirrel” won the “People’s Choice” award.

Thanks to all of you who had the opportunity to attend the event and stop by my table. With 25% of the proceeds going to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, it’s a great opportunity to support the work they do.

I plan to be at the event next year, so mark your calendars for the first weekend in December!

I sold out of all the my photos, cards and magnets of the "Curious Alaskan Red Squirrel" early Sunday. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing this cute little critter.