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Getting closer to grizzlies fishing for salmon near Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park. Here's a large grizzly on the river bank. He sure has some bad looking teeth! View larger image.

"5 Grizzlies" where there are 5 grizzlies fishing at Brooks Falls for salmon. View larger image.

"Fishing, Eating, Plunging" where you see one grizzly fishing, another eating and the last plunging in hopes of catching a salmon. View larger image.

The Grizzly Stare - One of my favorite photos of a grizzly fishing for salmon at Brooks falls in Katmai National Park.
Check out his crooked lips - you may need to click on the link below to get a closer look. View larger image.

I love how this grizzly's tongue hangs out in anticipation of a salmon meal in both photos!
"Anticipation." View larger image.

"Waiting for the Right Moment." View larger image.

Grizzly dripping with water in Brooks River at Katmai National Park. View larger image.