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A grizzly sits in Brooks River as salmon swim around him at Katmai National Park. View larger image.

The Grizzly Plunge. View larger image. This grizzly uses the plunge technique as it fishes for salmon in Brooks River at Katmai National Park. Check out his Claws!!

Diving for Salmon. View larger image.

The miss. The grizzly doesn't catch a salmon after plunging into the river. View larger image.

Watch a video showing the diving and plunging fishing technique.

The catch! After running around plunging and diving after salmon, the grizzly finally catches one. The grizzly carries it to shore where it will eat the salmon. View larger image.

A grizzly enjoying its salmon catch. If this photo doesn't say "happy," I don't know what does!
Yum, Yum, Yummy Salmon! View larger image.