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A grizzly sitting in the "whirlpool" trying to catch salmon just below Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park. View larger image.

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If fishing could be This Easy! Snorkeling for salmon in the "whirlpool" at Brooks Falls.

This grizzly sits in the whirlpool then puts his head under water to look for salmon. I didn't see him catch anything using the snorkeling fishing technique, but he made it look easy.
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No Luck Yet - His face looks a little sad... Coming up empty and dripping with water after using the snorkeling technique in the "whirlpool" to try to catch salmon at Brooks Falls. View larger image.

Ahh, Whirlpool Time. A grizzly takes a break from snorkeling for salmon to enjoy the whirlpool at Brooks Fall. View larger image.

Watching Salmon Jump from the "whirlpool" at Brooks Falls. View larger image.

The Salmon Smile - all those "white dots" you see are mosquitoes. View larger image.