Top Lodging Gem #4 – Aurora Borealis Lodge, Cleary Summit, Alaska

If you want a chance to view the Northern Lights from the comfort of your room and not even have to stay awake to watch for them, look no further! 

Aurora Borealis Lodge is 5 miles from the Poker Flat Research Range facility where they are researching the northern lights… How much closer can you get than that? It’s a perfect place to view the lights.

And, it keeps getting better! The owner, Mok, will radio you when the northern lights are out, so you don't have to worry about missing the northern lights or have to stay up all night waiting for them to show their colors. 

In the morning, you can take a quick hike up the mountain to enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunsets. The long winter shadows make for amazing golden colors that last for several hours. 

And, it’s the first time we experienced heated toilet seats, which are… well… a welcome feature in winter.

Aurora Borealis Lodge

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