Top Lodging Gem #9 – Lion Downe Cottage, Lake Pepin, Wisconsin

Tucked away on top of the bluffs along the Mississippi River, the Lion Downe Cottage offers breathtaking views especially sunrises and sunsets late in the year when the winter shadows are long.

There are so many sleeping nooks and crannies in this cottage, so bringing along a second family with kids (or two families!). It won’t be a problem. There’s enough sleeping space for everyone. 

There is an amazing rock fireplace, so if you want to take family portraits, this is the perfect spot.

We stayed at the cottage in November and saw several bald eagles along the river. Consider staying in March when the Mississippi River begins to thaw and more bald eagles are present when the river begins its spring thaw. 

The outdoor hot tub is decadent, especially in the middle of a cold, cold winter.