Here are some useful apps that I often check when making photography plans and trips. I have an iPhone, so you will need to find out if these are offered for other phone types as well as check the current prices, which may change.

Most of these apps, I was able to download at a reduced rate or for free. I just waited and kept checking back for a sale! 

If you have any suggestions for apps, be sure to send them my way so I can include in a future blog about useful photography apps!


The Weather Channel by The Weather Channel Interactive (free) I know, seems very basic, but this app gives me up to a 10 day forecast for any location. 

iMap Weather Radio by Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. ($10.00) — This app will send voice or text alerts on life-threatening weather events. The phone “follows” your location and will send alerts for where you are. I imagine this phone would be perfect for storm chasing… ahem, not that I have ever done that. 

National Park 

Park Guides by Shearwater Marketing Group (free) — Although it doesn’t have all the National Parks or all the animals and plants that you could see in the park, this is a great app to help you when trying to identify what you are looking at or what you just saw. The app also provides general information about the park. 

National Park Maps HD by National Geographic Society ($3.99) — Lets you download 15 HD maps of the most explored National Parks. What I like most about this app is that once you download the map to your phone for that park, you don’t need to have the Internet to view it. 

Golden and Blue Hour

BlueHourApp by Miklos Andrassy ($0.99) — This app is helpful for determining when the blue hour begins and ends at specific locations. 

Golden Hour by Mindsizzlers ($4.99) — Helps you know when the Golden Hour begins wherever you are in the world. The app does not need access to the Internet once the information has been downloaded to the phone for that location. And, it even shows the Blue Hour, but doesn’t provide times for the Blue Hour.

Stop by next week – I’ll provide information on some apps that help you track planets, stars, meteors, moon and northern lights.