As many of you know, each year I plan that one special photography trip to an unfamiliar location to capture images of my adventures. In July, this trip was a “circle” trip starting in Las Vegas then through southern Utah and northern Arizona to several of the National Parks along with many side trips off the beaten path, ending in Las Vegas. 

Unfortunately, I had an unexpected trip to urgent care when a dog bit me in my leg as I walked into a visitor center in Arizona. More on that story (with photos, too) in an upcoming blog… 

Since coming home from that trip, people have asked me when am I’m going to post my photographs to my site or post a new blog. There were many attempts on my part to post to my site, but something would always seem to come up that was more urgent or pressing. As much as I’ve tried the past few months, my enthusiasm just wasn’t there.

While at a conference last week in Las Vegas, I had an “aha” moment as I recalled quite vividly my July visit to Las Vegas, which included two stitches, massive bruising and extremely painful walking – that is when I didn’t have it hiked up on a pile of pillows on the hotel bed. 

My trip last week offered me the first glimpse in helping me to see how much I really didn’t want to revisit the last leg (no pun intended) of my southwestern trip in July. And, in realizing there has been a hurdle to overcome, I will be posting more photographs and blogs, including some spectacular images from Antelope Slot Canyons near Page, Arizona!

Thanks for bearing with me and for understanding. 

In the meantime, here is my Viva Las Vegas moment from the 59th floor of the Cosmopolitan hotel that helped me get back on track.