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This week's photos, thanks to a comment on Facebook from one of my followers, are called Wild and Free.

Last week I shared an experience I had with some wild horses on North Dakota's Theodore Roosevelt National Park's wildlife loop road. As I continued my drive along the road, I met up with a herd of wild horses.

And, I took this video using my camera of the wild horse herd

As I drove along the wildlife loop road, there was another mom and pony. This pony hid behind a bush, but I was able to get this photos of her.

As sunset approached, I drove past a prairie dog town and lo and behold, there was a coyote looking for dinner... I had on my largest zoom lens plus my teleconverter and was still only able to capture this fuzzy picture of the coyote looking for dinner and a prairie dog looking around. No prairie dogs were harmed on this evening...

Further down the road, I saw a mom mule deer with her two fawns. I love this photo because it shows one of the little mule deer in motion, but her head and big ears (love their big ears!) are in focus.

Next week... a stampede experience!